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My Departure

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meeting a Wonderful Family

Hello there!

The days are creeping by as my departure date gets closer. The anticipation is so intense but at the same time I am overwhelmed by the thought of being alone, the idea that I will have know one. That all changed today. I met the most amazing family who have opened there heart and home to me when I arrive in egypt. I will not be alone, and I will have someone. We met today for a few hours and they eased my worry about many things. Although it might seem small to some people, what to wear, where to go, where to shop, who to be around, what to eat....these are all things that I have had questions about which were all answered today. I know my trip, my strong will to always want to visit Egypt (and when I say always I mean as long as I can remember), is for a purpose. I can't say I am completely sure I know what the purpose is yet, but there is definately a purpose. And this wonderful family I know was sent to me to help me through this journey, and long beyond it. Life can work itself out in strange ways...I am pretty excited about this way :)

Shukran jazeelan to this family, your kind heart and genorosity are greatly appreciated. I look foward to learning and being a part of your beautiful country and culture.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Still in the States

Hey! As excited as I am to be going to Egypt in the Fall, it has been very hectic trying to get everything together in time. Basically, I AM GOING CRAZY. Well neither here nor there, this is my first of many many posts to come. I wanted to get it started early so I could get as many people familiar with the site before I leave. In a nut shell, I will be posting pretty much everything that happens to me and everything I do, including pictures. I plan to keep an open diary for people who may want to stay updated on the crazy things I may or may not be experiencing. I'm telling you now that I intend on posting everyday, most likely more than once a day. So if more than a few days go by, call the Embassy!!!!! HA.. just kidding, I am sure everything is going to be so wonderful! Oh geez, now I've gone and made my mother sick to her stomach, sorry mom! I'm hoping this will become a sort of suspense blog for all my family and friends, "oh man what will Melanie do next!?" lol. Maybe...maybe not. At best, this will give the people close to me an opportunity to share this experience with me, share the laughter, the tears, the joy and the excitement that I know Egypt will bring into my life.

I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I know I will enjoy writing it....

70 days in counting for departure...